What is Astral Projection An out of Body Experience

Astral Projection An out of Body Experience

Astral Projection: An Out-of-the-body Experience
Do you believe in out-of-the-body experience, or what we call Astral Projection? Is that true? Let’s continue the discussion by continuing to read this article.

Some people just believe in an individual’s ability to get out of his body while he is sleeping.

An individual can see oneself in a different dimension outside the physical world.

Here we can fly, penetrate things, see spiritual beings, and do things impossible to do in the real world. (You can be your crush:)

They said that when you do this, we still connect your soul to your body.

By metaphorical string or cord. It is said that of the billion people worldwide, only 8% 20% do so. But how is the Astral Projection process? Here are some guides and reminders:

For preparation, it is best to do this in the morning where you are more sleepy than doing the night before bed. It is more relaxing and easier to get back to sleep.

(But it is also possible at night when you are so eager to wait for him or her).

Process of Astral Projection out of body Experiences

You need to relax if you do this. It has done in a part of the house where there are not enough people to disturb, where you are comfortable.

It is better to do Astral Projection alone. (If you have something to do with it, it will ruin you and leave you behind).

Cover any light that may enter your room. Make sure that no objects create noise.

Any interruption can damage the Astral Projection process.

Lie down and relax. Make sure you are comfortable in your seat so you can focus on the process.

Close your eyes and try to remove distracting thoughts from your mind.

Just concentrate on your body and how you feel. Your goal is to relax your body and mind.

Breathe deeply and lightly. Don’t put tension on your chest and shoulders, just relax.

Just focus on your breathing. Avoid thinking of other things and worrying.

And here are some helpful guides on how to move the soul from your body:

You need to reach the hypnotic state or the so-called hypnagogic state.

Let your body or mind rest slightly.

But you can’t lose your consciousness forever.

We need astral projection for awakening and sleep (hypnotic state). You can reach the Hypnotic State by:

Keep your eyes closed and your mind only focused on one part of the body (head, hands, feet, etc.)

Just focus on your body parts until you can visualize it. Just keep going until you lose the other things in your mind.

Use your imagination to move your body (not literally). You visualize the fingers and toes until it looks like it’s moving.

Focus on other parts of your body. With the mind again, you will move your hand, head, feet, and whole body.

Just continue again until your visuals are clear.

Others say they feel vibrations. This is the signal that your soul is preparing to leave your body.

Imagine your room and moving your body with your imagination.

Just continue until you did

Do not turn your body around because it will cause shock and fear.

You may just enjoy your hard work and suddenly return to your body.

It is said that demons can invade your body while we project your soul.

So if you are afraid that this will happen, shut the room up in prayer.

Your soul can meet other souls with Astral Projection.

We can test it with a friend who is also skilled in this task.

The Metaphorical Cord not cut or broken. But your return can delay if you stay in the Astral World or Plane (because you will consume a lot of energy as it lasts).

Again, Astral Projection is especially dangerous. It’s up to you if you want to try it.

I’m not here to spread fake news. I just want to share this article. It’s up to you if you want to believe or not.

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“Smiles and Laughter are always good. But never forget your poker face.”

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