Jio Fiber Plans: Offer Get Jio 4k TV free Annual Plans know details

Jio Fiber Plans offers

Ambani aforementioned the costs of the Jio Fiber plans would vary between ₹700 and ₹10,000, all of which might conjointly keep company with a set line association,

Jio’s set-top box and access to the most effective OTT media services.

Here area unit 8 of the most important announcements encompassing Jio Fiber Plans:

Reliance Industries’s chairman Mukesh Ambani had proclaimed details of Jio’s future high-speed broadband net service

Jio Fiber, at company’s AGM earlier on. Know below jio Fiber plans.

Jio Fiber Plans

The subscription to Jio Fiber can begin from ₹700 a month, with net speed ranging from 100 Mbps.

The ₹10,000 arrange targets power users.

Ambani aforementioned the typical fixed-line transfer speed within the United States,

The foremost developed an economy within the world, is around 90 Mbps.

Fixed line association

Jio Fiber broadband plans can come back bundled with a telephone circuit association, HD or 4K set high box and access to Jio’s net of Things (IoT).

Ambani secure free voice entails life from the mounted line association.

They transfer Jio down the value of international voice line of work and can supply unlimited ISD line of work to America, North American country at ₹500/month.

JioFiber Set top box

Jio conjointly proclaimed a group} high box which will permit access to probably the biggest collection of TV channels,

because of Jio’s acquisition of 3 multiple system operators (MSOs) — DEN, Hathway and GTPL — WHO have direct relationships with over 30,000 LCOs.

The telephone circuit, broadband, and set-top-box would connect via fiber-optic cables.

First Day 1st Show

Jio also will introduce a ‘disruptive concept’ of looking movies that it calls ‘Jio 1st Day 1st Show’.

They launch the service in mid-2020 and it’ll let Premium

Jio Fiber users to observe movies as shortly as they’re free in theatres.

Free 4K TV with Jio Forever

Jio also will come back up with Jio Forever plans for purchasers choosing annual plans.

Such semipermanent subscribers can get an associate in nursing HD or 4K light-emitting diode TV and a 4K set high box free.

Jio hasn’t mentioned the build, complete or size of the LED TV nor has it mentioned if that may need any style of margin.

On Jio 4k Tv Forever annual plans:

With the annual plans, JioFiber subscribers can get similar edges with relevancy their equivalent monthly plans,

Together with the 4K Set prime Box and residential entranceway Box.

However, with every quite arrange, the advantages dissent.

With the Bronze annual arrange, subscribers can get a Muse a 2.6W Bluetooth speaker price Rs a 2,999 at no cost.

Also, the double knowledge supply can provide a 2400GB knowledge as customary.

With the Silver annual arrange, subscribers can get a Thump a 2.12W Bluetooth speaker price Rs 3,999 at no cost.

Also, the double knowledge supply can provide a 4800GB knowledge as customary.

If subscribers opt for Gold annual arrange for 2 years,

They will get a 24-inch HD TV price Rs 12,990 at no cost. to boot,

The double knowledge supply can provide a 12,000GB knowledge for the whole amount.

With Diamond annual arrange, subscribers can get a 24-inch HD TV price Rs twelve,990 at no cost.

The double knowledge supply can get 30,000 GB of full knowledge.

The atomic number 78 annual arrange can supply a 32-inch HD TV price Rs 22,990 at no cost.

The double knowledge supply can get 60,000 GB of total knowledge.

Jio Annual Prices

The metallic element annual arrange, that prices Rs 100 and 1,988,

can subscribers get a 43-inch 4K TV price Rs 44,998 at no cost.

The double knowledge supply can get 100 to 20,000 GB knowledge for the overall period.

Subscribers will get voice and knowledge with these packs below the welcome supply.


Jio can support console diversion with compatibility for all diversion controllers.

The set high box can keep company with an intrinsic graphics card.

Jio has conjointly partnered with corporations like Tencent Games and Microsoft

To herald a lot of games within the future.

Jio conjointly guarantees zero latency diversion with its set high box.

Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality (VR and MR)

Jio’s set high box supports VR and man content in several classes enjoy looking, education and films.

A man looking can let users expertise the garments they want to buy.

Jio will launch its Holo is board man telephone receiver shortly.

The man telephone receiver developed by Tessarect, a start-up Jio endowed in recently.

Jio IoT

Jio says that it’s developed Associate in Nursing innovative service on its pan-India 4G network

known as Narrow-band Internet-of-Things or NB IoT.

This service with good sensors whether residential, industrial or public,

The corporate wants to attach the entire of Asian country.

Jio claims the service is commercially on the market from January 1, 2020.

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Among 2 years of launch, Jio estimates that there’ll be quite 2 billion connected IoT devices in Asian country.

The corporate a minimum of aims to attach one billion of these through Jio’s IoT platform

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