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Sunday, 9 June 2019

Sunny Leone was caught by her Father on her First Kiss, Know what she said

Sunny Leone was caught by her Father on her First Kiss


Not everyone has thought that Sunny Leone, who works in adult films, will ever make an entry in bollywood as an actress. But she did so. Sunny leone image is as a bold actress, who is moving forward over time. The biggest thing about Sunny leone is that she never bothers her past and talks about it freely.

Sunny Leone was caught by her Father

Recently, during a rapid fire interview, Sunny leone told many interesting things. When asked about her Sunny leone first kiss, Sunny leone told that it happened with her school boyfriend. Sunny leone also told that her father had seen her doing this and then had a tremendous family drama.

In this interview, Sunny leone also spoke about her first crush. Sunny leone told that her crush was no other but hollywood star Brad Pitt.

Let us tell you that Sunny leone took entry from Salman's show Big Boss in the Indian Entertainment Industry. Subsequently, Pooja Bhatt made Sunny leone move into bollywood with the movie 'Jism'. After this, Sunny leone appeared in several films, Sunny also played many hit item songs, including 'Laila' with Shahrukh. Right now, Sunny leone is busy in South Indian films.

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