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Sunday, 2 June 2019

Six unknown facts about our Brain that should know everyone

Unknow facts about our Brain


The brain is an organ that serves as the center of the nervous system in all vertebrate and maximum. Unknow facts about our Brain , invertebrate animals. The mind is located inside the head, typically near the sensory organs for senses along with vision. The brain is the maximum complicated organ in a vertebrate's body. In a human, the cerebral cortex contains approximately 14–16 billion neurons, and the estimated wide variety of neurons within the cerebellum is 55–70 billion. every neuron is hooked up by means of synapses to several thousand other neurons. These neurons communicate with each other through lengthy protoplasmic fibers called axons, which deliver trains of sign pulses known as action potentials to remote parts of the mind or body concentrated on particular recipient cells let us know six unknown facts about our brain.

Six unknown facts about our Brain

Brain is the most mysterious organ in our body. Still there are some unknown facts about brain. This article deals with the interesting facts about brain.

1. No pain

Brain feels no pain. I know this made you think that you can feel pain. You can feel pain through the pain receptor. But your brain lack this receptor. Brain cannot feel any pain.

2. Millions of blood vessels

Our brain has millions of miles of blood vessels. It can cover the earth four times around. Brain also consists of hundred billion neuron, that can cover up a galaxy. But this covers only 2% of our body.

3. Albert Einstein’s brain was saved

Albert-Einstein is best ever genius the world have seen. After his death, his brain was saved for research. And suddenly it disappeared, which was found three decades later, preserved and in 240 pieces.

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4. Men do have a reason to cheer-up but so do women

Men's brain is 10% larger than women. But women brain consists of large number of nerves. This makes women more active than men.

5. Brain is more active while sleeping

A Brain fact that you can use as an excuse at your workplace, that is, if your boss agrees.

6. The highest recorded IQ- 210

"Kim Ung-Yong" is the person who has the highest IQ ever. He was born in 1972. He learned algebra at 8 months old and spoke four languages fluently. He became a university student by the age of 4 and graduated when he was 15. He is also a painter and a poet.

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