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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Saaho box office collection: expection Pre-Release know Details

 Saaho box office collection: expection Pre-Release know Details


Young Rebel star Prabhas Baahubali is the next film Saaho. The film is being produced by UV Creations in Sujith Direction and is making a huge budget of saaho Rs 300 crore. Recently the teaser of the film has increased expectations.

Saaho has become a focal point for cinema. Since Prabhas is making a film after Baahubali, the film has huge expectations.

In addition to the making video, the teaser also revealed the movie range. Shraddha Kapoor saaho heroine is set to release on August 15.

The film takes place in the Pre-Release Business Tapu Range. It is reported that Saaho has made a pre-release business of 320 crores as World Wide. It is only theatrical rights.

Other than these, digital and satellite rights count. They are also worth over 200 crores. So, Prabhas Saaho has been in business for over 500 crores before his release as saaho Worldwide. Theatrical rights make up 320 crores in all languages.

Saaho box office collection Area wise

AP / Telangana: 120 crores
Tamil Nadu and Kerala: 25 crores
Karnataka: 29 crores
North India: 100 crores
Overseas: 45 crores
World Wide: 320 crores

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