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Friday, 21 June 2019

Patyam, Google Pay, be careful from the Bhim app

Patym, Google Pay, Be careful from the Bhim app


The theifs who have cheated by asking for credit and Debit card numbers and Card Verification values ​​(CVV) and One Time Password (OTP) now focus on our focus on Bhim, Google Pay and paytm App. When new facilities are available, Badamash is frequently seen cheating by exploitation.

Having become a bogus customer, a case has been registered against the shopkeeper for fraudulent Rs 70,000. Ravindra Sapkal has filed a complaint against him in Warje of Pune.

Sapkal's tire shop is a phone call to buy tires and send money online. They asked Google Pay number and said that if you click on the message as pay, you will get money. After believing in it, Sakal has clicked on a pay message.

Because he did not have money, he sent a message and sent it four times to click it. Tire sales were not done after this success. But after about 70,000 people were found out from the account.

Keep in mind this way In this, the rookman tells the victim to download an app. It gives you instructions for linking accounts to step by step payment process.

Then secretly save the UPI ID by telling them the package coupon. Then they ask to transfer money from this. This money is transferred directly to their account.

The amount of transfer of funds on the app is upto 20 to 30 thousand rupees. In such a case, the punk transfers the limit up to a limit.

There are targets for smart phone users in urban and rural areas. The bank also refuses help because it is often a customer's mistake.

If you are asked to send money from any app then you need to know about complete information about the app as to how to send or receive money.

Be careful not to fall prey to temptation of any scheme and deal with it.

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