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Saturday, 1 June 2019

Jio users can get 6 GB data : ₹51 know how to get jio advantage

Jio users can get 6 GB data


Jio users can get 6 GB data, Firstly Jio 1GB of data was used in the telecom market every month, due to live, every person is seen using data from Jio 1.5GB to 2GB data every day. Not only this, some live customers quickly eliminate the daily data limit. For such customers, we will now tell you how to get 6GB data in ₹ 51.

Most live customers want 4G speed data after finishing the daily data limit. For which customers use data booster pack. For your information, let us know that the data booster plan available in ₹ 11, ₹ 21, ₹ 51 and ₹ 101 are available in Jio Company. Those recharge customers can recharge 400MB, 1GB, 3G GB and 6 GB of data.

Know get advantages of jio advantages

For your information, if you get the ₹ 101 recharge from any retailer, then live customers get 6GB of GB data. However, if the Jio Client manages this recharge through My Jio app, then customer can redeem a voucher of ₹ 50. If the Jio subscribers redeem a voucher of ₹ 50 then live customers will get the recharge of ₹ 101 only in ₹ 51. Mean live customers will get 6GB GB data only in ₹ 51.

This is just a data booster plan for Jio Company on which the voucher can be applied. Vouchers can not be used on rest data booster plans. Most live customers have heard say where to use the voucher. For your information, please tell that Jio Boucher can be used for recharge and recharge of Data Booster. Doing so, customers can avail of up to Rs 50.

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