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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Jio gigafiber registration price and plans

Jio gigafiber registration and jio gigafiber price and plans


Jio gigafiber, Before the official launch of jio gigafiber in India, it is estimated that Reliance Jio will offer 'jio gigafiber Preview Offer' for its users. The report was going on in the past few months that Reliance Jio will launch Jio gigafiber in March. But now it is not so. You probably know that Reliance jio gigafiber is already running and is also using the Limelied people. Jio gigafiber Rollout will be in many stages.

Jio gigafiber in Delhi

Users are using it in some areas of Delhi. For this, customers have to pay Rs 4,500 as security deposits. The company gives a speed of 100Mbps and will get this service free for the first three months. Security deposit is because the company router applies and if you return it, you can get the money back.

What is JioGigaFiber

Reliance Jio is a service under which Fiber To The Home (FTTH) broadband service will be provided. It has been claimed that downloading of 10Gbps and upload speed of 100Mbps can be obtained. This is not just the Internet, but the service will offer many services under the company. This includes IP TV, Landline and Smart Home Solutions.

JioGigaTV can be run through JioGigaFiber and there will be more than 600 TV channels. All these services will be available through a cable in your house. However, for this the company will install router and other devices in your home.

Jio gigafiber price and plans

Jio gigafiber plans can start from 500 to 750. According to the report, the company can also give a long term plan, whose validity will be six months or a year.

Explain that users will have to pay Rs 4,500 in the form of security deposits Rs :2,500 in the beginning. Not only this, while taking this service you will find jio gigafiber and jio TV Router Free. Apart from this, the company can also offer a plan of 750, 999 and Rs 1,299. All these upcoming plans will be valid for 1 month.

Jio gigafiber registration

At present the jio gigafiber registration for JioGigaFiber on the company's website is on. The company has said that wherever more registrations are received, firstly the company will start fiber in the same area. The simple option on the company's website is to fill the name address and you can submit a request. After asking questions from jio's official website on Twitter, it is being said that thanks to showing jio GigaFiber's interest, you can invite people to JioGigaFiber.

Jio's goal is to bring this new service to 1100 towns and 50 million. The company has started registration for this and the service will also be started by next year. At present, work on this continues and thousands of people are also registering every day. The earliest plan for Jio GigaFiber will come in 500 rupees.

Apart from this, the news is that the company will give 100GB of monthly free data for the first three months of 100Mbps. That is, you will get free service for three months. After this you have to pay the amount.

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