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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Do you know why X is written last box of every train

Do you know why X is written last box of every train


From childhood until today no matter how many times you have travelled by Train. During your visit, you must have seen many types of signs inside and outside of the train. One such sign is also behind the train, the mark of X. You must have thought at least once in your mind why the X's sign remains behind the last box of the train?

Last box of the train

In fact, the cross marks on the last box of the train there is a huge railway mission behind it. This mission is to save the accident. Let us know that this sign of X is made of yellow or white on the last bogie behind the passenger train running in India. Cross marks in the last box of the train so that it can be ascertained that it is the last box of that train.

This X sign keeps the railway staff to indicate that this is the last train and if this is not a trail behind a train, it means that the train is in an emergency. Meaning there is something wrong here. In fact, if a coach is separated from the train, then he has a chance to get an accident, so this mark has been made to prevent the accident.

The guard, who displays the green flag on the railway crossing, does not show the green flag for the train, but he sees this mark so that it can be ensured that all the coaches of the train are connected. Not only that, but in the darkness of the night when it is not visible in the dark, there is a red light under the scope of the cross, which is also seen or judged at night. In such a way, whenever you look at this mark, you will easily understand whether this is the last box of the train or not.

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