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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Narendra Modi big decision to about Aadhaar card, it is important to know

Modi big decision to Aadhar card


The Narendra Modi Cabinet has made a big decision regarding the Aadhar card,  Unique Identification Number. The government has made it clear that no citizen of the country can be compelled to give support.

Narendra Modi, cabinet has taken a big decision and said that anyone in the country can be denied the support Aadhar number. The government has clarified that Aadhar card, can not be compulsory for the Aadhar card number.

Narendra Modi cabinet decision

Narendra Modi, Government has taken the decision regarding the Aadhar card and said that no one can be compelled for Aadhar card number. The Cabinet has approved the Aadhar and Other Law (Amendment) Bill 2019.

Under this law, it is not mandatory to provide support in any case other than legal consent. That is, now you can not force to give any Aadhar card, number anywhere.

Support for bank accounts and mobile connections is not mandatory

Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the central cabinet approved changes in base and other laws. This bill will be introduced in the next session of Parliament. This Bill will help the base regulator UIDAI to take decisions in the interest of the people and prevent misuse of the base.

Now it will not be necessary to show the base to open a bank account. Simultaneously, it is not mandatory to provide support for mobile SIM. People will also be able to prove their identities with a virtual identity instead of a 12-digit basis.

Jammu and Kashmir Reservation Bill Approved

The Narendra Modi, Cabinet also approved the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation Bill, 2019. Under this bill, citizens living in border areas will get direct recruitment, promotion and reservation for admission in any course. At the same time, the Narendra Modi, Cabinet has decided to increase President's rule in the Valley by 6 months.

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