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Friday, 21 June 2019

Google cyber attack - follow these methods to safe from attackers

Google cyber attack - follow these methods to safe from attackers


Google cyber attack, Google is advising users to enable security tools from Gmail to keep Google Photos safe. This can save users from hacking their accounts and data. Google has introduced these features as important, providing statistics that show how well that features can prove to be.

Google cyber attack, Avoid calling phone number from atx
Researchers from New York University and University of California have partnered with Google. This partnership has been done to ascertain what level of Hijack's efforts can be prevented with the help of security tools.

Recently, Google cyber attack, the results presented in the web conference revealed that 100 percent Bot Attacks, 99 percent automated phishing attacks and 66 percent targeted Attacks can be blocked by adding recovery phone number to Google accounts.

The highest safety in two-factor authentication
Google has been saying this for many years and now even statistics prove that two-step verification Google cyber attack, is currently the most secure medium available.

Research has revealed that using 100% automated bots, 96% bulk fishing attacks and 76% targeted attacks can be avoided by using the phone number based on SMS verification.

Google cyber attack, Security key is the safest
The point of note is that, from all the two-step verification methods, there is a strong account shield of physical security. It blocks all types of attacks.

Google has shown that there is no harm in using 2 step verification

The same research also saw how the effects of default sign-in verification are affected. If this is done by trying a sign-in with a hairdresser or location, then the company detects such activities.

According to its results, these methods can be avoided with boat-based attacks, but in fishing or targeted attacks, this is not so much workmanship.

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