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Friday, 31 May 2019

IAS Exam 2019 : Top 10 important topics to be asked every year in the IAS Exam

IAS Exam 2019


IAS Exam 2019 : The Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) are going to be conducting the Civil Services examination ordinarily known as the IAS Exam Prelims communication on 2 june month 2019. The UPSC will be issuing the official notification of the Civil Services Examination 2019 in the month of February.

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The communication are going to be conducted within the month of Gregorian calendar month, so there will be around 4 months for the IAS Preliminary preparation. The candidates got to work on the foremost necessary topic for the IAS examination. There ar sure topics that found their place every year within the IAS examination. The candidates got to focus their preparation on these necessary topics in order that they'll cement their position within the IAS examination.

Union Public Service Commission has decided to conduct the preliminary examination of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) on June 3, 2018. Therefore, this time is the right time to analyze the level of personal preparation for all interested students and to consolidate whatever preparation they have made in the past year.

Every year about 5 lakh students take IAS preliminary examination and only 15000 students reach the second level. Therefore, when someone asks about such a competitive examination, how to start preparations, successful candidates in the IAS exam often say that solve the exam papers in the last year and make a further strategy on the same basis.
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The previous year's question paper helps the IAS candidates to make the necessary plans for the preparation of the IAS exam. After studying the previous year's question papers, it is easy to make an idea that what are some of the favorite topics of the UPSC, whether in every year's question paper, whether it is IAS prelims or the IAS main examination, are asked.

Here, in this article, a list of some important topics based on the topics discussed in the IAS exam is given which can help IAS Exam 2019 candidates earn maximum points in the IAS exam:

Top 10 important topics Ways to Increase Empowerment for Success in IAS Exam

1. Environmental Conventions and Agreements :
Environmental agreements and conferences are considered to be the basis of international politics and this topic reflects the changing relationships of India's position on the international level. The questions are mostly asked by famous-protocols or agreements such as - Ramsar Convention, Kyoto Protocol, UNFCCC COP Meeting and major influences on India's environmental policies.

Interactive organizations such as Birdlife International, WWF, 360 Degrees etc. have now become part of the IAS Preliminary Examination Question Paper. The international conference on the Paris Summit and the lakes on climate change are specifically asked in the IAS Exam.

2. International groups, treaties and agreements:
Because of India's growing role in global politics, questions based on topics related to this subject are definitely asked in the IAS Exam. Generally India and major Asian groups such as ASEAN, SCO, BIMSTEC, SAARC and G20 are also very important in terms of IAS examination.

Questions about the key decisions and the protocols signed by the members about the objectives of these organizations are asked. Sometimes questions related to major global groups like UNSC, WTO, World Bank etc. are also asked.

3. Scientific achievements of Indians especially in the space and defense sector :
Science and Technology is considered one of the most difficult sections of the IAS Preliminary Examination. Usually the questions asked in science and technology in the IAS preliminary examination are based on ongoing development works in the science and technology sector of the country. The questions are mainly on achievements of ISRO, DRDO and Ministry of Defense, such as PSLV Satellites, Agni Missiles, Brahmos, Guided Missile System etc.

For the science and technology segment, the IAS candidates should study the daily newspaper daily as the questions asked in the science and technology section in the IAS preliminary examination are usually based on current affairs.

4. New Acts passed by Parliament, pending bill and recommendation report :
Each year, questions related to the provisions of popular Acts such as GST Bill, Land Acquisition Act, 14th Finance Commission report, 15th Finance Commission constituted in the Parliament, pending women reservation bill etc. are asked. The main source of updates to the chief bills of Parliament is the annual report on the website of the PRS.

These things of knowledge can be learned from Vivekananda during the preparation of IAS

5. Government's new social welfare schemes
New social and economic welfare schemes are important for both the IAS Preliminary Examination and the IAS Main Examination. These schemes are affecting the general daily life of the people on a large scale and hence, they are widely discussed in current affairs.

For example, in the IAS preliminary examination, questions have been asked about Jan Dhan Yojana, Namami Gange and Swachh Bharat Mission.

Every new scheme and program is started with the introduction of annual financial statements and the analysis of the schemes is done through economic survey. Budget and economic survey should be both standard documents for reading government schemes.

6. According to the reports, important cultural sites and memorials of India (UNESCO)
India is known for its cultural legacy all over the world, and therefore, many important issues are discussed in the current affairs, and many memorials and places have been successful in making the UNESCO list.

This list is easily available online. Read the complete list and try to memorize the important information given about all the mentioned places like Harappa, Chola temple, Ajanta caves, Ellora caves, Himalayan institutions etc.

7. Geographical Indications, IPRs, Trademarks, Patents and Agriculture Related Matters Areas of agriculture

Conclusion : comment below your reviews about IAS Exam 2019 Top 10 important topics, And share this Article to your friends.

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