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Friday, 31 May 2019

Benefits of Neem secretes : To cure your diseases - use of Neem learn about

Benefits of Neem secretes


Benefits of Neem secrets : In this post Use of Neem learn about, to remove all secret to cure your diseases, Neem helps in the treatment of diseases, let's know about it.

Use of Neem learn about

All of Neem's friends are very beneficial. That is, the leaves, flowers, fruits, barks, branches etc. are all used as medicine. Seed yields from Neem fruit or nibuli, which gives oil. Neem stems get glue. All these are used as medicines.

Neem helps in the treatment of these diseases

Treatment of leprosy

Neem : is considered to be the best medicine for the treatment of leprosy. According to homeopathy, neem is considered to be the best medicine for chronic diseases. Neem oil which is bitter in odor and taste, neem oil is the first class disinfectant.


According to scientists, neem is very beneficial in diseases such as deodorant, leprosy and pyria. Neem is also considered a good contraception. Hence neem is used for this.


To treat a painful disease like hemorrhoids, it is necessary to grind the neem and the leaves of the caner mixture in equal amounts. Applying this mixture to the affected part reduces the pain. It is also easier to get rid of nibburs every morning. Neem oil can also be applied on the affected part. Hence neem piles help.

Fever or malaria

Neem : decoction can be given in this disease. To make this decoction, boil some neem leaves, nibble, black pepper, basil, dry ginger, and chilli in equal quantity in a glass of water. Boil this mixture so long that half the water will evaporate. Then take this drink.

Ear flux

When sleeping at night, putting one or two drops of this mixture stops the ear flowing. Straining two or three drops of lukewarm neem oil in the ear gives relief in ear pain. If you are also troubled by this, then use it.

Relaxes in diarrhea

By drying neem leaves and adding sugar in it, it provides relief in diarrhea. To destroy stomach worms, add honey and black pepper mixed with neem leaves and eat it, then it gets rid of it.

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